Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ta Da!!!!

I did it! I finished my first no-sew sewing project. (does that make since?) For years I've always wanted to make a table skirt, and now finally it's done. And I didn't even take out the needle and thread for any of it!

Since entering the blog world, my mind has been flooded with ideas. Blogs like, My Military Mansion and Nesting Place have inspired me to put more effort into making my home...well, a home. Somewhere comfy and cozy...AND pretty while doing it without breaking the bank!

So in the spirit of the Nester's window "mistreatments" my computer desk now has a pretty skirt to keep little fingers from pressing buttons and turning mommy's computer off.

My supplies:
  • pretty damask fabric that looks great with my black furniture and piano with brass hardware (50% off at Hancock Fabrics!)
  • sticky back velcro (to attach the skirt to the desk)
  • a glue gun

Et voila!

Now, I'm not sure I would be brave enough to try to make window treatments with a glue gun, (thread is much easier to take out for a person like me who is prone to mistakes) but for a table skirt, it was fun and a time saver!

I believe my next attempt will be to cover the big gaping space in my bathroom vanity that houses a not-so-pretty rolling storage cart. But this time... I'm going to to with the gathered look and not box pleats. First things first though, I have to convince my husband I need to redecorate and repaint the whole bathroom so that I can get coordinating fabric for a new shower curtain and vanity skirt. hehee...let's see how well that goes over.

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  1. It is ca-ute....I love it. The fabric is perfect and that is my favorite kind of pleat at the moment. (box pleat) You "mis"treated your desk like a pro. :)Laura