Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekend Review

We had a great weekend in Houston a couple of weekends ago. Reed and Madison had a blast at her 2nd birthday party and Mark had a good time reconnecting with his buddies.

This past weekend we took Reed to Grapevine for his first annual Day Out with Thomas. He loved it! Once Thomas pulled into the station he was super excited..."train! Thomas! choo choo!" was his mantra for the day. Even the chilly weather didn't slow him down, but unfortunately when we got home, he had a slight fever and stuffy nose. He's feeling better today. His nose is still a little runny, but this hasn't phased him at all. Oh to be 2 again.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting ready for the weekend!

Mark's got tomorrow and Monday off, so we're heading down to Houston. Reed and I are going to Madison's 2nd birthday party on Saturday in Bryan, and Mark is going to Austin to hang out with his boys and to deliver a gift for John and Lisa. (I was invited to go to Lisa's baby shower, but it's also on Saturday. So, Mark is representing the Norris clan instead.)

I love it when Reed and Madison get together, they are 4 months apart and they get along so well. Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can get some pictures of them playing in the yard. Madison really enjoys drawing and coloring, so hopefully she'll like our gift for her. We found a cardboard playhouse online that she can color and decorate the outside. It sounds kind of weird, I know, but I've only read rave reviews. Here's a picture:I'm also pretty excited about the gift basket I made for Lisa. I started off with their registry and almost everything was green and brown, so the basket is color coordinated to match. We got them a few things off of their list and the rest was just some things I found I couldn't do without after Reed was born. Here's what is in the basket: bib and burpcloth set that I made for them, fitted crib sheet, Boppy cover, a Brown Puppy Wubbanub, long-sleeve kimono t-shirts that can cover up little hands to keep them from scratching that I rolled up and wrapped in green washcloths to make them look like white roses, Disney's Lullaby Album, green and white Gymboree shaker hand rattle, and of course the ever so popular Boudreaux's Butt Paste.

So, we're off tomorrow for another adventure. Till next time!

Starting a new dream

I have a new dream of owning my own business. Even with a great husband and a wonderfully delightful son, I still have a need to create with my hands. Through the necessity of motherhood, I have found the perfect outlet...baby and mother-to-be gifts! Ranging from burp cloths to diaper cakes, sewing, decorating and hot glue gunning...it's not only fulfilling my creative needs, but it's actually fun.

So, over the next few weeks (or months)...I'll be brainstorming and sorting out the details on ways to get my products out to the public. With my background in computer programming, of course I've already started to set up another blogsite to showcase my creations before I have actually thought through my business plan.

I'll be sure to announce when everything is off the ground and running full speed ahead! This is so exciting.